Bringing Experience to Serve

I am dedicated to serving our community. If elected to the Hawaiʻi State House to represent North Kona (District 7), I will continue that service at the Capital.

As a Marine Combat Veteran, small business owner, and micro farmer, I offer real world leadership experience and practical common sense to cutting taxes, reforming government so it is less of a burden on the average person, and generating economic opportunities that will create good-paying jobs.

I am 100% committed to lowering the cost of living for Hawaiʻi’s people, improving sustainable food and energy resources to lower our dependence on shipping, caring for our precious natural resources so they can be enjoyed for generations to come, and bringing real accountability to State government.


  • Marine Combat Veteran
  • Small Business Owner
  • Organic Micro-Farmer 
  • Proud Husband & Father
  • Director, Kailua Village Business Improvement District (KVBID) Board of Directors 
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Project Management Professional (PMP)


Lower Cost of Living

As your representative, my top priority is to lower the cost of living in Hawai’i. I understand the financial pressures our families face daily, from housing costs to groceries and utilities. I will work tirelessly to implement policies that reduce these burdens.

  • Affordable housing solutions
  • Lower taxes on income and essential goods/services
  • Less dependence on shipping


We must fix the homeless crisis to help those living on the street and protect our community from crime and disease. A three-pronged and systematic approach will address the key issues that the homeless and our community are facing.


  • Coordination of social work & law enforcement efforts
  • Drug and mental health rehabilitation
  • Reunification with family/support network

Better Education

Education is the foundation of our future, and I am committed to providing our children with the best possible start in life. By improving our education system, we can ensure that every child in Hawai’i has access to quality education, preparing them for successful futures and creating a brighter tomorrow for our entire community.

  • Increased funding & efficiency for our schools
  • School choice for all students
  • An elected ‘County School Board’ for local input and accountability

More Job Opportunities

Creating more job opportunities in Hawai’i is essential for our economic growth and the well-being of our residents. By fostering a diverse and robust job market, we can provide more employment options and create a thriving economy that benefits all Hawai’i residents.


  • Reduce burdens on small businesses & entrepreneurs
  • Promote sustainable industries (fishing, beekeeping, agriculture, tourism)
  • Develop off-island remote work jobs for locals